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Go to the raise and lower ground thing note: Then get the other hill maker to put the end of it.

Get more cash and goodies with cheat codes for 'Zoo Tycoon' for PC

If you make it big enough the gests will see the whole zoo. Name an Exhibit Kathmandu Note: To capture escaped animals click on the Animal List button at the bottom of the screen. Then click on the Escaped Animals button. Click on an escaped animal, then click on the Move Animal button. When you put the animal back down it is in a box. Create a few fairly big exhibits. In one put lions, another polar bears and some penguins in another. Then delete part of the penguin exhibit. The penguins will run around the zoo. Then open the lions.

Zoo Tycoon Cheats

All your guests will scream and run but the lion is too quick. Then the polar bears will kill the penguins. A very violent 'joke' but a funny one! Fire all your Zoo Keepers, if u don't they catch your animals! In the last scenario, when you have to breed Giant Panda's, normally you can only choose two. If you recive the message that you can adopt the two panda's, just pause the game. Now you can adopt as many Giant Panda's if you want.

If you turn the game back on, you can't adopt Giant Panda's anymore, so adopt them all when the game is paused. Use the following names to rename the animals indicated Hippo Fat: Two hippos Sumo Bear Deer: Bear gets Free from Exhibit Lion Nan: Get a baby from a male lion Unicorn Larry: One Horn Dodo Doflopnok: Unlock the White Dodo Panda Blackly: Unlock and turn in to a Red Panda Bongo Bad: Turn in an Okapi Okapi Tall: Get tall as a Giraffe Yeti Bigfoot: Unlock the Bigfoot Yeti Bentley: Turn in to Spyro's friend, Bentley Reindeer Rulpoln: Red light nose Reindeer Dancer: Dances with a female Reindeer Croc Agent 9: Always happy Monkey Agent9: Turn in to Spyro's friend Agent9 Ape: Chimpanzee or Gorilla Borneo: Unlock the Orangutan Ape Kangaroo: Unlock the Wallaby Gorilla Mountain: Unlock the Mountain Gorilla Tiger Nope: Unlock the Magnet the Polar bear Tiger Dog: Turn in to Spyro's frend Sgt.

Byrd the flying Penguin Sgt. Byrd Fly: Fly out of Your Exhibit and Your Zoo.

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'Zoo Tycoon' Complete Collection Cheat Codes

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Zoo Tycoon Money cheats

Remember to come back to check for more great content for Zoo Tycoon: Rate this hints and tips: Unlimited money! Added by: Why are the leopards so unhappy? Why cant I get Filters for my Tanks?!!

How do you make arctic wolves and other things like b.. How do you clean the tanks? When I set up show tanks with show animals, and set u..