Mac os x 1680x1050 resolution

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Macbook VGA to 1680x1050 Display Question

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Scale 1680x1050 on rMB without an app

The advantage is the additional real estate in the interface but it comes with a tradeoff. The images the GPU is creating cannot fit cleanly onto the native display resolution; they are not integer scalings of the native resolution. Some UI elements will look a little fuzzy.

Therefore, the screen resolution options in System Preferences are a tradeoff: If this annoys you, though, it is easily changed.

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We have four flairs to offer! PM the Mods with a GCX screenshot or other proof , and we'll add flair proudly proclaiming your expertise! No rank is an indication that the person is always, or even mostly, correct. Mac Mac Mini will not allow me to use x resolution.

I will preface by saying that I know nothing about Macs. This is my wife's work Mac Mini that she takes to and from work sometimes.

Mac Mini will not allow me to use x resolution. Help! : applehelp

Earlier today, I restarted it because it was being a little slow while I was using it and when it started back up, the resolution was different. The only two I can pick from now are x and x Neither of these are correct for this monitor. It's a Dell of some sort. I'm also not a whiz with Windows, but I am good enough to Google answers and fix it myself Hold down the option key and click the scaled button in the display's resolution pane in preferences It will show you all the resolutions supported.

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OK, sweet. I just did that and it got me closer, but x still isn't showing up.

How to Set Custom Resolutions on Mac OS X for free (16:9)

How can I get ? You can force it with SwitchresX or the one that is just like it and free. Sorry, I forget the name.

Maybe someone knows a workaround but I'm not sure. If I am not wrong, OSX kinda know the resolutions it can work depending on the information the monitor sends in, or in the case it cannot talk with the monitor, in the value deducted for the kind of connection you are using.

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  4. If you don't see the resolution it will probably not work on your mac. But this is not just OSX. I used windows for decades and I remember not being able to use some resolutions, even if I thought the monitor was capable or being able to switch to that resolution just to realize it was unusable, due to horrible display, resolution or readability. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved.