Powerpc emulator for mac os x lion

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I started researching this and it appears there are a number of power pc emulators, some of them will run on a mac. I googled powerpc emulator for mac and that is how I found this.

How to run PowerPC applications on OSX Ma… - Apple Community

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    New MacOS: Not For Everyone

    Rosetta is based on QuickTransit technology. Rosetta was initially included with Mac OS X v Rosetta is not installed by default in Mac OS X v Rosetta is neither included nor supported in Mac OS X v Therefore, with Lion and later releases, the current Macintosh platform does not support PowerPC applications. Therefore, applications that rely on G5-specific instruction sets must be modified by their developers to work on Rosetta-supported Intel-based Macs.

    General information

    According to Apple, applications with heavy user interaction but low computational needs such as word processors are well suited to translation via Rosetta, while applications with high computational needs such as AutoCAD , games, or Adobe Photoshop are not.

    Rosetta does not support the following: Rosetta is a user-level program and can only intercept and emulate user-level code, while the older emulator was integrated with the system at a much lower level. This allowed lines of 68k and PPC code to be interspersed within the same binary of a fat application. While a similar effect could likely have been achieved for Mac OS X by running Rosetta within XNU , Apple instead chose to implement Rosetta as a user-level process to avoid excessive debugging and the potential for security issues.

    Rosetta (software)

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other software products or projects named "Rosetta", see Rosetta Stone software and Rosetta disambiguation.

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